You need to fence?! 



When house  building works  are completed, we can look to the surroundings. The most important here is fence. Remember, a fence is a long-term investment, so everything must be well thought out:


  • You must think over what  functions of fence are most important to you: protective, decorative, insulating ...
  • have you enough time for fence maintenance (repainting, cleaning), maybe you need minimal maintenance requiring fence?
  • You prefer better open or more blinded fence?
  • What  kind of gates,  audio-video  mechanisms do you prefer?

All these and other questions, you can discuss with the company's "Gajausta"  experts.


        The company produces fences from galvanized painted steel profiles, various aluminum profiles which may be mounted horizontally or vertically, wooden fences, fencing net. You can choose moving  or opening yard gates, entrance gates with simple lock system or special automatic locks. The company performs all work: fills with concrete metal or fence's blocks columns,  installs fences, gates,  if it is necessary, pours the fence foundation  and installs automation.  Some fence's elements are colored  in a special way, so we can achieve  nice, solid and good product quality. Wide spectrum of colors allows to adjust the fence to the house facade and the environment. 

        We are looking forward our clients be happy  with the end result, and hoping that the fence will perform it's functions for long-long years...


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        We are competent in fencing specialists, so do not take a decision without talking to us!